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Learning English is not enough

Business communication skills

Acquire the communication skills you need for real-world business situations.

Cross-cultural awareness

Understand the cross-cultural differences in global business communication.

Confidence to communicate

Improved confidence when you communicate in English with business people from around the world.

Learn with others


Speak with our international team of coaches who facilitate video calls and provide cross-cultural insights.

Business Professionals

Practice with fellow business professionals from different companies, industries, and cultures.


Interact with our team of counsellors who motivate you throughout your learning.

Learn like you work

Communicate with coaches, counsellors, and other learners through a chat interface and video calls, as you would when working in an international team.


Independent Learning

First, you learn about the business communication skill with 5-minute micro-lessons.


Peer Learning

Next, you chat with another learner to prepare for a role play with your coach.


Group Learning

Finally, you practice the business communication skill in a role play, facilitated by your coach.

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Learn effectively

Excedo is based on the pedagogical principles of Micro Learning and Active Learning, both proven for their effectiveness.


Acquire new knowledge and insights with 5-minute micro-lessons.


Review what you've learnt at increasing time intervals and enhance your retention.

by doing

Quickly apply what you’ve learnt by practising with other learners.


Receive regular performance feedback from your coaches.

Learn what you need

If you aspire to work in an international team, our courses will help you communicate in typical business situations and adjust your style of communication to work with team members from different cultures.

Sample courses:

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  • Delegate tasks

    Learn how to delegate tasks clearly and effectively.
    Examples include explaining tasks, checking on progress, and giving feedback on task execution.
  • Handle everyday negotiations

    Learn how to participate in everyday negotiations.
    Examples include stating an opening position, winning thinking time, and reaching a win-win conclusion.
  • Understand customer needs

    Learn how to understand your customer needs.
    Examples include gathering quantitative feedback through surveys, and identifying qualitative insights through focus groups.
  • Socialise with customers

    Learn how to socialise with customers.
    Examples include making a good initial impression, avoiding moments of awkward silence, and keeping a dialogue open.
  • Solve project problems

    Learn how to solve project problems.
    Examples include describing a problem in an easy to digest way, seeking advice from your colleagues, and presenting a solution to your stakeholders.

Track your readiness

Our coaches regularly assess your capability and your confidence to communicate. After every assessment you’ll be awarded with points which advance your Global Readiness status, indicating your readiness to work globally.

Bronze status

You’re demonstrating basic communication skills and overcoming any hesitation to speak.

Silver status

Your communicative skills and your confidence are increasing. You’re now able to participate in some international business situations.

Gold status

You've demonstrated the communicative skills and the confidence to work effectively within an international team.

Does it work?

We are proud of the results of our learners.


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What do our learners say

  • “I used to rely on emails to communicate with the Philippines team. But I realise that didn’t work. Now, I have the confidence to run video calls on my own.”
    Software Engineer
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About us

Multinational team

We know how difficult it is to work and communicate across cultures. We face this challenge every day! Our growing team consists of 11 nationalities, working across 4 continents.

Team of specialists

We are a team of language learning experts, communication trainers, academic researchers, content writers and software developers.

Industry experience

We’ve worked all over the world for prestigious educational publishers, leading language schools, and professional training companies.

Strong shareholders

Financial Times

Excedo is owned by Nikkei and the Financial Times, two of the world’s leading business news organisations.

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