Learn to communicate with impact

Improve your business
communication skills

Whatever your level of English, Excedo will help you to improve your ability to communicate in cross-cultural business situations. We’ll coach you how to use the English you know to communicate with impact, and get results.

Learn the communication
skills you need

Make your international colleagues feel accountable when delegating tasks to them.
Make your preferred international candidate accept your offer when hiring for a new position.
Make your international colleagues react to your observations when giving them feedback.
Make your international director support your proposed solution to a problem.
Make your international counterpart accept your deal when negotiating with them.
Make your international customers share their pain points with you when conducting research.
Make your international colleagues understand the need for change.
Make your international team remain productive when working remotely.
Make your international colleagues trust you when building new relationships with them.
Make your international employees understand your expectations when giving appraisals.

Learn with our unique methodology


Cross-cultural insights

You'll learn how cross-cultural differences might disrupt your communication if you're not aware of them.


Best practices

You'll learn a series of communication steps and phrases to achieve better impact in cross-cultural business situations.



You'll practice in role-plays with fellow professionals and our coaches will give you feedback to ensure you maximise your impact.

Practice with experienced coaches


Benjamin Fouere

has 25 years' experience in international brand and marketing communication for high-end fashion brands, such as Ralph Lauren, and Atelier AKNAS.


Derek Gilfillan

was a senior purchasing manager and led international teams for luxury brands, such as Rolls Royce and Bentley Motor Cars, and Wedgwood.


Ben Horgan

has managed businesses in Thailand for 20 years. He has worked in corporate training companies as a trainer, sales agent and in various marketing and operational roles.


Kris Mouton

has over 25 years' experience in the hospitality industry and has provided consultancy, training and social media marketing across Europe and Asia.

Experience true mobile learning


Study by yourself via 5 to 10-minute micro-lessons.


Our chatbot helps you to prepare for the role-play.

Video calls

Practice in role-plays, facilitated by your coach.

Our coaches regularly
assess you


At the end of each course, you get a score from your coaches.


Depending upon your score, you can earn a gold, silver or bronze badge.


Based on the badges you’ve earned, you will receive a certificate at the end of your programme.

Different configurations for different levels

Suitable for learners with a higher level of English who can practice with fellow business professionals.
Level requirement

Intermediate (CEFR B1)


10 communication skills

Role-play preparation

With learning partner


With learning partner and coach

Suitable for everyone who has a lower level of English.
Level requirement

Pre-intermediate (CEFR A2)


10 communication skills

Role-play preparation

With assistant coach


With coach

Does it work?


of our learners stay engaged and complete their courses


of our learners say they gain new perspectives from our coaches


of our learners use what they learn in our courses in their daily work

What do our learners say

  • “I used to rely on emails to communicate with the Philippines team. But I realise that didn’t work. Now, I have the confidence to run video calls on my own.”
    Software Engineer

About us

Team of specialists

We are a team of language learning experts, communication trainers, academic researchers, content writers and software developers.

Multinational team

We know how difficult it is to work and communicate across cultures. We face this challenge every day! Our growing team consists of 11 nationalities, working across 4 continents.

Strong shareholders

Excedo is owned by Nikkei and the Financial Times, two of the world’s leading business news organisations.