Resources Kit for Global Business

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Resources Kit for Global Business Professionals

Here you can download our free resources that can help your employees and team communicate effectively and succeed globally. 


Learning Reimagined: How a bite-size, mobile-first approach to language learning can give business professionals the fluency and self-confidence they need to be persuasive, effective and respected in a new language.
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Smart Learning: Understand the benefits of smart learning, how to design training programmes that benefit every employee, and create a “habit of learning” with benefits that ripple out across the entire organisation.
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Corporate Brochure

The Excedo corporate brochure shows how we help business professionals communicate effectively and explains the innovations that make Excedo a unique language learning solution. 
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Our webinar 'Anytime, Anywhere Webinar - Effective Learning Approaches for Global Business Professionals' explores how busy global business professionals can learn continuously to enhance their skills.
Please find the recording of the webinar here.
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Meet the Excedo Team

Our upcoming event 'Beyond Language - Developing key global skills to enable your workforce' taking place in Mexico City on 18 September is a seminar and active learning workshop for human resources, department heads and line managers. Featuring Michael Stott, the Financial Times LatAm Editor, you will learn and practice the global business and cross-cultural skills that will help you and your team communicate more effectively with foreign customers, suppliers, partners, and colleagues. Please see the event page for more details.

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To learn more about Excedo and our new approach to improving business English and language learning, contact us at or schedule a live demo.

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