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21 May, 2019

What is Micro-Learning and what are the advantages?  (EdTechZine) [Japanese-only]


9 May, 2019

HR Conference 2019 Speaker Interview: Why Japanese people can't do business in English (Nihon no Jinjibu) [Japanese-only]


8 May, 2019

Business Skill Framework in the 21st Century: The Importance of “Soft Skills” : How do Japanese companies accelerate innovation and beef up competitiveness? (@Jinji) [Japanese-only]


7 May, 2019

What is “Active Learning”? You may have heard of it - English learning specialist explains (Mynavi News) [Japanese-only]


29 April, 2019

Come and visit Nikkei booth at Human Capital 2019 to experience Excedo! A free demo will be available to visitors. (Nikkei BP) [Japanese-only]


8 April, 2019

Improving business English skills critical for today's global economy - How to develop Global Talent (@Jinji) [Japanese-only]


14 March, 2019

Career interview - Your world becomes wider by communications and connections (tokyo amulet) [Japanese-only]


27 February, 2019

Interview with the persons who developed English learning program; New program for high-level global business education to be provided through only smartphone— New learning methods supported by active learning and micro learning (EdTechZine) [Japanese-only]


7 February, 2019

Do business persons need to learn English in the era of AI translation? – Expert explains (Mynavi News) [Japanese-only]


4 February, 2019

Excedo - New Language Learning Approach for Global Business Professionals Launches