Make Learning a Daily Habit

Even the busiest business professionals are fitting Excedo's engaging microlessons into their tight schedules.

Microlearning Anytime, Anywhere

Business professionals understand the importance of continuous learning. We know we need to keep developing our business competencies & global communications skills. The problem is finding the time. The traditional fixed schedule approach to learning doesn't work in global business.  

Excedo is an English learning solution designed for global business. We use microlearning to deliver Business English programmes that are flexible, mobile-friendly, fun, and effective. We make it easy for business professionals to develop an effective daily learning habit. 

Remove barriers to learning English

Microlearning organises learning into bite-size pieces - 5 minute sessions that encourage more frequent study. Research shows that microlearning creates 50% more engagement. It's more motivating and much better adapted to the way we actually learn and retain information.

Each Excedo microlesson focuses on a specific business challenge or task that is connected to a key global communication skill - like problem solving or change management. Business professionals take what they learn in each microlesson and immediately put it into practice. 


Excedo language learning solution Collaborate for global business professionals
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Microlearning benefits

  • More frequent learning means higher information retention, which makes microlearning 22% more effective
  • Business professionals are empowered and take ownership of their learning so that can progress faster
  • 94% of learners prefer the anytime, anywhere access that allows business professionals to continue learning even when they are busy, travelling or working remotely
  • Microlearning matches the human attention span of 3-7 minutes, so each lesson provides the optimum amount of learning without creating idle time that can be better spent on productive activities 

Mobile First

To deliver an effective anytime, anywhere solution, Excedo's English learning solution is 100% mobile. All microlessons, peer-to-peer chat, online Deliver sessions, and customer support, are accessible from any smartphone. Employees learn on the go - while they commute, during breaks, at lunchtime - anytime they have 5 minutes to spare. 

Create your tailored week in the life with Excedo video to see anytime, anywhere learning in action!

Excedo English language courses Understand Change, Set Goals, Improve Team Communication

Experience Excedo

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