Focus on Effectiveness

Excedo has done away with traditional learning - and traditional testing methods. Our innovative approach focuses on effectiveness - helping business professionals to successfully work and communicate around the world. 

Measuring Effectiveness

Excedo's innovative approach to learn also entails a new way of measuring effectiveness that goes beyond traditional testing and test scores.

Excedo recognises that companies need employees who have the capability and confidence to communicate successfully in international business. Instead of traditional tests and multiple-choice questions, Excedo assesses learners as they perform real-world business tasks with other learners from around the world.

Good business relationships, collaborations, and experiences require good communication; and communication is at the centre of how Excedo measures effectiveness.

Key Metrics

Excedo measures three key performance metrics:

  • Engagement - How quickly learners complete their learning activities.
  • Capability - How effectively learners communicate in tasks that simulate real-world business situations.
  • Confidence - How comfortable learners feel communicating and expressing themselves in their Deliver sessions.


Growth metrics
Presenting people

Assessment Criteria

Excedo measures learners’ communicative capability and confidence in each Deliver session using robust criterion.

To measure Capability, Excedo assesses learners on the following:

  • Retention - using the language taught in Explore
  • Application - using the language in an appropriate way 
  • Clarity - communicating in a way that is easy to understand

To measure Confidence, Excedo assesses learner’s on the following:

  • Interactivity - participating and contributing to dialogues
  • Courage - speaking without fear of making mistakes
  • Awareness - applying the business skills taught in Explore


For managers and HR departments that want to ensure that their employees have a great learning expereince, Excedo offers regular reporting.

The monthly Engagement Report shows how much time employees are investing in their learning and how quickly they progress through the programme.

We also provide an Outcome Report that highlights the progress that learners have made in their capability and confidence levels. This report is the overall measure of how effective Excedo has been for companies and their employees.

Excedo reports more than just language level. By referring to our global skills framework, we help managers and HR departments understand which international business situations employees are ready for and in which situations they need continued development.


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