Excedo language learning solution 10 course overview

Language Learning & Beyond

Traditional English courses approach language as a set of grammar rules to learn and vocabulary lists to memorise, then leave it up to learners to work out how to pull it all together and communicate in the real world. Excedo starts with the need to communicate, and identify the English language skills required for global business.

The foundation of the Excedo curriculum is our global skills framework, which is based upon the business skills identified by organisations such as World Economic Forum and OECD as critical for global business professionals. 

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Excedo Course Overview

Each Excedo course is built around a global business skill to provide a real life communication context. A full programme consists of 10 courses, each built around a key communications and business skills.

Excedo is composed of 3 experiences that mirror how we work in the real-world:

Excedo combines 3 learning approaches into 1 effective solution
Excedo combines 3 learning approaches into 1 effective solution

Explore self-study

Excedo language learning starts with Explore, our microlearning self-study experience where you work independently at your own pace. Using an active learning approach that incorporates video, gamified learning exercises, and a global business context, you will learn English language and communication skills that you can immediately put into practice.

Explore's bite-size microlearning sessions of 5-10 minutes make it easy to study anytime, anywhere - the most effective approach to learning for busy business professionals.

Excedo learner working in Explore self-study

Collaborate with a peer

Next is Collaborate - the opportunity to communicate via chat with another language learner. Collaborate is a unique and new experience for many language learners. It gives you typical real-world business challenges, a key component of Excedo's active learning approach.

In each Collaborate session you will be paired with a new partner, helping you to continuously build confidence in your communication and cross-cultural skills.

Excedo Collaborate session with 2 global business professionals learning Business English

Deliver sessions

Deliver is where you have the opportunity to put into practice what you've learned in Explore and Collaborate. It's not a typical online language learning class. Deliver sessions use an active learning approach to simulate real-world team projects. In the 30-minute online session, you work with 3 other learners - global business professionals from different cultures and backgrounds. An Excedo expert language coach facilitates the group throughout the session. 

Deliver can be challenging. That's the idea. You will become a confident global communicator by learning business English to successfully present and communicate even when you're nervous or unsure. 


Excedo Deliver session with global business professionals working with a language counsellor

Excedo in Action

To experience Excedo, contact us today and request a demo. You will have the chance to experience how Explore, Collaborate, and Deliver provide you with an effective language learning solution to build your global communication skills.

Video overview of the Excedo Method