Breakdown barriers

Develop the cross-cultural skills to work effectively and succeed in global business. 

Beyond language

Whether we are part of a virtual team of multinational members, communicating with customers from a different country, or working with a partner, in global business we often find ourselves communicating internationally with people who might not share our practices or perceptions.

Communicating well in a global world requires more than just language fluency – it requires cross-cultural fluency too. To have true global competency, employees need to be able to negotiate with different nationalities, interpret culturally-different ways of communicating and understand how to manage diversity.

This is why Excedo goes beyond language learning to help organisations and their employees to understand and reduce communication barriers. Our language coaches and learning counsellors come from a broad range of native and non-native English countries. This exposes our learners to diverse accents and business styles, just as they will find in the real business world.

Within Excedo, we integrate cross-cultural understanding into interactive exercises and videos so that our learners improve both their business English and cross-cultural skills in each lesson.

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