Improve Business English

Excedo is a new approach to learning business English designed specifically to transform business professionals into effective communicators who negotiate, collaborate and lead globally. 

Beyond Business English

Excedo is designed specifically to improve the Business English of employees who have studied for many years but still feel unable to work and communicative effectively in English in an international business environment. Typically these business professionals have found other English courses ineffective or uninteresting.

The Excedo Method™ is the only Business English learning solution built around a business skills framework and the first to combine language, communication, and cross-cultural skills. 

We use an engaging active learning approach that helps English learners retain upwards of 80% of content, and fun microlearning lessons that facilitate faster and more frequent study, making learning a habit and not a chore. 

Our expert language coaches and learning counsellors challenge learners to help them build confidence and help them strengthen their communication skills.

Learn more about our solution for enterprisemid-size companies, and fast-growth startups or schedule a demo to experience Excedo.