Resource Kit for Global Business Professionals

Free resources that can help your business and employees to communicate effectively and succeed globally. Download now or learn more below.

Communicate Effectively - Succeed Globally

Enabling employees to communicate effectively and confidently allows businesses to create global opportunities and open new markets for growth. But effective communications is much more than just words and grammar. 

Here you can download our free resource kit that can help you transform your employees into effective communicators who can drive global success for your organisation. The kit includes 2 ebooks, a webinar, and our corporate brochure.

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Excedo language learning and soft skills enhancement corporate overview

Learning Reimagined eBook

A new approach to language learning

Explore how new technologies are not only equipping employees with new language skills, but also with the wider cultural and business-specific knowledge they need to be effective global communicators including how to understand and adapt to the differences in business culture and etiquette, and insights into how hierarchies and decision-making work in foreign organisations.

Smart Learning

Reinvent corporate training

Smart learning requires a revolution in the way that organisations think about workplace education. See how training programmes that benefit every employee are designed and “healthy learning habits” are created, generating benefits that ripple out across the entire organisation.

Anytime, Anywhere Webinar

Effective Learning for Global Business

Excedo's Head of Effectiveness, Simon Williams and LatAm Operations Manager Moyo Leon share research and best practices for innovative approaches to learning that are proven to be effective for business people, particularly those who want to improve their Business English and communication skills. 

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Learn Smart. Progress Fast.

Excedo is a language learning solution for large, mid-size, and fast growth companies. With a practical and effective methodology, designed specifically for business professionals, Excedo builds effective communication skills and accelerates progress from the first lesson.

The Excedo Method™ is the only English learning solution built around a business skills framework and the first to combine language, communication, and cross-cultural skills in a mobile experience. It is built on key global business competencies identified by organisations like the World Economic Forum and OECD.

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