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Providing support to transform business professionals into effective global communicators

Because Excedo is a new, more challenging approach to learning, business professionals can sometimes feel nervous getting started. Fortunately, our support teams are there to help from the very beginning of the learning journey.

Our expert language coaches and learning counsellors play an important role in making Excedo engaging and effective. These international teams work closely with our learners, helping them become confident and successful global communicators.

Language coaches

At Excedo, we don’t believe that effective global communication skills can be developed through passive teacher-led instruction. We believe in simulating real-life scenarios through active online sessions that we call Deliver.

Excedo Language Coaches ensure that our learners get the most out of the Deliver sessions, helping them progress and actively participate in the group exercises. We have qualified and experienced coaches from a range of nationalities and backgrounds so that our learners experience a wide range of accents, cultures, and coaching styles.  

Language Coaches assess learners’ performance in order to provide useful feedback that helps the learners to advance and build effective communication skills.

Excedo Language Coaches

Learning counsellors

Support from our learning counsellors begins from the moment a new learner is signed-up.  

Learning counsellors help onboard learners, answering any questions and helping new learners navigate Excedo and develop effective learning habits. They continue supporting learners throughout the programme, keeping them motivated and engaged, and always available to answer any questions.

Our learning counsellor teams are regional, so that if a learner needs support in their native language, it's available. 

Excedo global language learning

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