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Business English & Beyond

Effective communication requires more than just words and grammar. Excedo combines Business English, cross-cultural understanding, and soft skills development. The result is an engaging & effective solution for business professionals.

A New Approach to Business English

Excedo is built on 10 key competencies identified for global business by organisations like the World Economic Forum and OECD. We focus on the soft skills that drive success. We use an active learning approach that helps learners retain upwards of 80% of content, and microlearning lessons that facilitate faster and more frequent study, making business English learning a habit and not a chore. 

 The Excedo Method™ 

Real World Language Learning

Excedo's learning experience is designed to simulate real-world business scenarios. We use the same tools - mobile phone, chat, video conference - that global business professionals use every day. This helps build confidence and effectiveness for business professionals. By combining Business English, communication, and cross-cultural understanding, we help employees work better across borders to build relationships and breakdown barriers to success.

Excedo English language courses Understand Change, Set Goals, Improve Team Communication

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