Beyond Business English

For mid-size companies, Excedo offers a solution to develop and improve employees' business English language, cross-cultural communication, and global business skills so they can work effectively across borders.

Communicate effectively & confidently

Language is much more than just words and grammar. Excedo goes beyond language learning. We take English learning out of the classroom and into the real world of global business.

With a practical and effective methodology, designed specifically for successful global communication, Excedo challenges business professionals to excel, building their communication skills and accelerating their progress from the first lesson.

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Excedo language learning solution Collaborate for global business professionals

Intercultural communication

Communicating well in a global world requires more than just language fluency – it requires cross-cultural fluency too. To have true global competency, employees need to be able to negotiate with different nationalities, interpret culturally-different ways of communicating and understand how to manage diversity.This is why Excedo goes beyond language learning to help mid-size organisations and their employees to communicate confidently and effectively with partners, colleagues, and customers worldwide.

Effective Communication ROI

For companies that want to grow internationally, an effective learning solution is not just a nice employee benefit. It's a strategic driver. Building employees' global communication skills creates a competitive advantage that helps win customers, improve relationships, and increase productivity. 

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Excedo English language courses Understand Change, Set Goals, Improve Team Communication

Developed in collaboration with Nikkei and the Financial Times, the Excedo Method™ works because it’s a business-focused, interactive approach that is effective and engaging for business professionals.

  • "The content is very practical and can be used in real business situations"
  • "The expressions are very practical. The content is approachable and it feels very "real". There are also humorous parts and I enjoy learning."

-- Excedo Learners