Global business professional with effective communication and soft skills

Learn Smart. Progress Fast.

Excedo is a language learning solution for large, mid-size, and fast growth companies. With a practical and effective methodology, designed specifically for business professionals, Excedo builds effective communication skills and accelerates progress from the first lesson.

Excedo for large companies

Excedo offers an effective English learning solution for enterprises and multi-nationals committed to enabling their talent to work effectively and succeed globally. We are the only English learning solution built around a business skills framework and the first to combine language, communication, and cross-cultural skills in a mobile experience. This makes learning convenient and effective for busy professionals. 

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Excedo for teams

For mid-size companies and fast-growth startups, Excedo enables employees to communicate effectively with partners, customers, suppliers, and colleagues all over the world. We utilise both microlearning and active learning so business professionals get the maximimum value from investing just a few minutes each day. Our mobile experience provides an engaging and effective English learning solution that makes learning a daily habit. Your team will progress fast.

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Excedo Overview

The Best Technology, Methodology, & Expert Support

What makes Excedo unique? We combine advanced technology, an engaging business focused curriculum developed by industry-leading experts, and personal support from our language coaches and learning counsellors. This combination is unique and effective for business professionals who need to build their English communication skills so they can work better internationally. 

The Excedo Method™