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Transform employees who have struggled with English learning for years into effective global communicators. 

Excedo for enterprise

Excedo offers an effective English learning solution for enterprises and multinationals committed to enabling their talent all over the world to collaborate effectively with customers, partners, suppliers, and each other. We offer a global solution that allows employees to learn anytime, anywhere. Our programmes and fun and effective, so employees make learn a daily habit.   

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Excedo for teams

For mid-size companies and fast-growth startups that want to enable employees to succeed globally, Excedo offers a simply and effective approach that develops Business English, soft skills, and cross-cultural understanding. We utilise both microlearning and active learning so your team gets the maximimum value from investing just a few minutes each day.

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Excedo Overview

What makes Excedo unique?

Excedo combines advanced technology, an engaging business focused curriculum developed by industry-leading experts, and personal support from our language coaches and learning counsellors. This combination is unique and effective approach to English learning. 

The Excedo Method™