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Transform your employees into effective global communicators with the Excedo Method™ - the only language learning solution built on a global business skills framework.

Communicate Effectively - Succeed Globally

Learning English is an important step to achieving international success. But succeeding globally requires more than just speaking English. It requires business professionals to communicate effectively, develop cross-cultural understanding, and adapt to different environments.  

Developed in collaboration with Nikkei and the Financial Times, our innovative methodology challenges employees to excel, building their communication skills while enhancing their global business skills.

The Excedo Method™ works for enterprises and multinationals because it is built on key competencies identified for global business by organisations like the World Economic Forum and OECD and delivered through a mobile experience so that even the busiest employees can learn with Excedo.

Excedo English language business skills course overview
Excedo Overview

Breakdown barriers with Excedo

Multi-nationals that want to succeed globally often find that ineffective communication is their biggest obstacle. Having a common language helps increase productivity and build relationships, but even employees who have studied English for years experience communication challenges and cultural barriers.

Excedo enables business professionals with the communication skills to confidently and effectively work across diverse environments and cultures.

Try Excedo and bring a new way of learning to your company. 

Experience Excedo

See how Excedo can help your employees communicate more effectively. Our live demo will show you how our innovative approach incorporates active learning and microlearning in a mobile experience. You'll see the 3 Excedo experiences that mirror how we work in the real-world:

  • Explore - composed of interactive exercises and engaging videos 
  • Collaborate - work with another learner to practice your communications skills
  • Deliver - a live, online interactive session guided by an expert language coach 

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