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The Toho Towa Story

TOHO-TOWA is Japan’s oldest and leading motion picture importer and distributor. Toho-Towa's line-up consists of movies from internationally pre-eminent producers, directors, stars, and other creative talent. In 2007, they became the exclusive theatrical distributor for Universal Pictures in Japan, bringing to Japan audience blockbuster movies like Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Despicable Me 3.

In 2016, TOHO-TOWA launched a separate distribution arm for Paramount Pictures called TOWA PICTURES. Through this team, they have released top blockbuster films including Mission: Impossible - Fallout.

“I enjoy learning with Excedo because it offers different ways to learn that are relevant to my work.” - Excedo Learner

Why Excedo?

At present, the International Department translates and supports all mail, telephone and conference communications. However, management wants every employee to be able to directly communicate in English without going through the International Department.

TOHO-TOWA’s team has an additional motivation. They want to understand these great films that they are distributing in their original version without subtitles.

TOHO-TOWA’s HR team selected Excedo to help reach this goal. “We chose Excedo because it gives our employees an effective way to study English anytime and anywhere. Our team is very busy and this was a key point for us.” 

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Japan trailer for Hobbs & Shaw, one of the many movies that Toho Towa distributes ©Universal Pictures