EXA case study on Excedo

The EXA Story

Founded in 1987, EXA Corporation (EXA) is an IT service company created by JFE Steel Corporation, one of the largest steel manufacturers in the world, and IBM Japan. EXA provides system integration services. They offer comprehensive services, that include information system consulting as well as system development and operations for the manufacturing, distribution, finance and insurance, card business, and public and utility industries.

EXA has conducted over a hundred co-creation workshops based on design thinking, strengthening their customers’ efforts to promote digital transformation (DX) by providing services that utilise AI, IoT, and Cloud, with the strength of implementing capabilities in advanced areas as a strength. 

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Why Excedo?

EXA is investing in developing their employees’ global business and communication skills in order to work more effectively with international customers. 

EXA selected Excedo because they wanted a practical and effective English learning solution. They were especially excited that Excedo allows them to learn flexibly through microlearning and to practice real-world scenarios on their mobile. With Excedo, they want to develop the communications and cross-cultural skills to handle business negotiations and meetings as well as conversations. In addition, they want to be able to collect information across borders to keep up to date with technology in their business.

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