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Smart Learning

Building a smart learning strategy

Who can truthfully say that they look forward to training? For many of us, learning at work is an inconvenient chore. While we all understand the importance of updating and expanding our skills, the traditional approach to workplace learning leaves us frustrated and unengaged. This might not have mattered so much in earlier ages, but today, companies of every size and in every industry face a mounting skills deficit. The rapid advance of technology and increased competition in a globalised world means that businesses are having to compete for scarce skills, while scrambling to re-train their existing employees.

In spite of this urgency, workplace learning seems stuck in the last century. Employees are often required to take one or two hours out of their busy day to attend a training session or to undertake an online learning module at their computers. Often, each member of staff will receive the same training, with little or no personalisation to reflect their specific role or skill level. The training bears little relation to the practicalities of their job and training sessions are often scheduled haphazardly, with long gaps in between where the employee forgets what they have learned.

If businesses are to face the future with confidence, they must change from being seen as a “tick-box” exercise to something of real value to their employees. It must align with the business’ strategic goals, delivered effectively, and relevant to each individual, with workers learning skills that are directly related to their role.

Above all, training must engage the learners, making each employee look forward to the opportunity to enhance their skills, become more productive, and develop their career. This involves much more than a tweak in the way that training is organised and delivered: it requires a revolution in the way that organisations think about workplace education. We call this approach ‘smart learning’: a strategy that links learning to business goals and delivers training in a way that is proven to be more effective and engaging.

Smart learning is more than just updating the way that training is delivered to each individual. It involves empowering employees, managers, and HR to take
pride in, and ownership of, learning and development. This is undoubtedly a challenge, but it’s one that every business can achieve.

We’ve created this ebook to help every business understand the benefits of smart learning, how to design training programmes that benefit every employee, and create a “habit of learning” with benefits that ripple out across the entire organisation.

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