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Taking a new approach to language learning

Taking a new approach to language learning

In today’s world of digital communications, international alliances, global technology standards and unprecedented cross-border co-operation, language remains the final major obstacle to effective collaboration.

To seize the new revenue and business opportunities of a globalised world, more and more employees at every level need to be able to communicate effectively in a foreign language. 

The bare bones of a language – the words and syntax – is only one of a number of factors in business communication. There are a multitude of other considerations that global business professionals must master before we can communicate effectively, such as:

  • Differences in business culture and etiquette
  • Insight into how hierarchies and decision-making work in foreign organisations
  • Understanding and adapting to how business is conducted differently around the world.

The Learning Reimagined eBook explores how new technologies are not only equipping employees with new language skills, but also with the wider cultural and business-specific knowledge they need to be effective global communicators. In a business context, language errors can have a high impact on the outcome. Even the most fluent speakers can fail to achieve their business objectives if they ignore cultural considerations.

Learning Reimagined shows how a bite-size, mobile-first approach to language learning can give business professionals the fluency and self-confidence they need to be persuasive, effective and respected in a new language.

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