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Think Business English programmes are boring and ineffective? Schedule a demo and see how Excedo has reimagined learning, creating engaging and effective programmes for business professionals around the world. 

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In today’s world of digital communications, international alliances, global technology standards and unprecedented cross-border co-operation, poor communication skills is often the major obstacle that hurts employee performance and business results. That's why Nikkei and the Financial Times developed Excedo, the only Business English solution to combine language, communication, and cross-cultural skills in an interactive mobile experience. 

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Experience Excedo

To see how Excedo can help your team communicate more effectively and break down global business barriers, submit your details. One of our language learning experts will show you how our innovative approach. You'll see how we incorporate active learning and microlearning in a mobile experience to make learning more effective for business professionals. We will walk you through the 10 key competencies for global business and share an example programme.

As part of the live demo, our experts will show you the 3 active learning Excedo experiences that mirror how we work in the real-world:

  • Explore - composed of self-study exercises and videos 
  • Collaborate - work with another global business professional to practice your communications skills
  • Deliver - a live, online interactive session for 2-3 global business professionals guided by an expert language coach 
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