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The need for effective communication

As organisations today become more global and English continues to grow as the global language of business the ability to communicate effectively in English becomes a competitive advantage. This is the reason why international companies such as Rakuten, Renault, Airbus and Samsung has made English their corporate language.  

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Communicating effectively is critical within your organisation as well as externally. Good internal communication fosters strong working relationships among collegues, which improves employee productivity and morale.

Communicating effectively externally - with potential customers, media, partners, suppliers, etc. - is even more crucial. It helps you to understand the challenges and goals, create mutually beneficial relationships, and negotiate valuable agreements.

Communicate effectively & confidently in English

Even people who have studied English for years experience communication problems and cultural barriers. And these difficulties increase in a global business environment. In order to help you overcome these difficulties and become a successful global communicator, Excedo offers an effective and engaging learning solution.

Learn about how the Excedo Method™ enables business professionals to communicate effectively & confidently across borders & cultures


      Excedo global language learning

      Successful Global Business Communicators

      Developed in collaboration with Nikkei and the Financial Times, Excedo works because it’s a learner-centred, interactive approach that learners find effective and engaging:

      "The content is very practical and can be used in real business situations"

      "The expressions are very practical. The content is approachable and it feels very "real". There are also humorous parts and I enjoy learning."

      -- Excedo Learners

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      Excedo English language courses Understand Change, Set Goals, Improve Team Communication
      Excedo is built on a global business framework

      Effective English communication

      We understand that communication is much more than just words and grammar. Our unique methodology couples a global business skills framework with a focus on English language, communication skills, and cultural context.

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      We take Business English out of the classroom and into the real-world context of meetings, negotiations, collaboration and cross-cultural experiences. 

        Excedo global language learning

        Intercultural communication

        Communicating well in a global world requires more than just language fluency – it requires cross-cultural fluency too. To have true global competency, employees need to be able to negotiate with different nationalities, interpret culturally-different ways of communicating and understand how to manage diversity.

        This is why Excedo goes beyond language learning to help organisations and their employees to communicate confidently and effectively.

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