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Zan Raynor
By Zan Raynor
Excedo blog in Learning reimagined Jun, 2019

There’s currently a lot of buzz about “flipped learning” in English courses but studies on the effectiveness of this revolutionary method go back decades.

Flipped learning means that instead of a teacher lecturing, then giving students homework, the homework is done beforehand, so that the instructional time becomes more dynamic and interactive because students are prepared to contribute.

Excedo is leveraging the power of flipped learning in order to maximize effectiveness. With our Explore - Collaborate - Deliver lesson structure, learners progress more rapidly, while increasing their confidence and communication dexterity, and enhancing their global business skills.

By introducing new language in the context of particular business scenarios in mobile self-study Explore sessions, Excedo creates individualized flexibility in space and pace for the direct instruction. Unlike traditional English courses, each learner controls where and when to work on these microlearning activities and how quickly to move through them or invest more time in repetition and practice.

During Collaborate sessions, learners begin to apply the language and the business skills with one partner, via chat dialogue. Collaborate is a safe place for experimenting and taking risks with the language in the slower pace of writing before they move up to speaking with a group.

Finally, our Deliver sessions bring a small group of learners together to actively practice the language and business skills in real world scenarios. Deliver maximizes the effectiveness of time spent with the Language Coach because, unlike other English courses, learners aren’t listening to the teacher lecture. Instead, they are engaging creatively with the language they’ve recently learned to accomplish a goal in a truly learner-centered environment.


With Excedo, rather than learning from a teacher and then practicing on your own later at home, you’re learning on your own from videos and activities and then practicing when you have collaboration partners and a Language Coach to help guide you through applying the language and the business skills accurately and appropriately.

As an Excedo Language Coach myself, I’ve led many Deliver sessions. I’ve been impressed with how well prepared our learners are to participate in these authentic business tasks after they’ve prepared themselves through Explore and Collaborate. They may begin the session feeling insecure and worried that they won’t be able to speak the right language at the right time. They may even apologize because they think their English isn’t very good. They begin to relax when they discover other learners who feel the same way and yet find the courage to answer questions and respond to each other.

As they rise to the challenge of the task, I (or another language coach) guide them through, supporting them up from one step to the next. We help them differentiate the questions and the tasks bit by bit so that each learner can succeed at their own level and push themselves to reach just a bit higher. By the end of every Deliver session, I’m delighted to find my learners surprised at themselves and how much they were able to produce working with their peers. It’s great to see them leave the Deliver session far more confident than they arrived.

If you’re feeling any apprehension as you approach your first Deliver session, here are four things you can do to prepare yourself for a positive experience in the lesson and to set yourself up for success in your English course.

  • Check your tech. Before your first Deliver session, you should download Zoom, our virtual classroom, and make sure you know how the basic functions of the app work on your mobile device. Make sure you have a stable internet connection, whether WiFi or cellular, so you won’t have any disruptions to your connection. Turn on the video and make sure you’re visible in the display, experimenting with different orientations of the device. Try out the sound, both the speakers and the microphone, and discover how to mute and unmute yourself. A headset or earphones can enhance your ability to hear and be heard by others during the session.

  • Pick and stick. Decide on a location for your Deliver session that is quiet with few distractions. Try to minimize interruptions. Select comfortable seating. You may find it helpful to have a table available with paper and a pen or a tablet/computer to take notes. Adequate lighting can help others in the lesson see you well. Choose a place where you can stay for the whole session so you won’t get distracted and lose time by needing to move to another location.

  • Practice your vocabulary. In Explore, you’ll read and listened to many expressions needed to complete the task during the Deliver session. You’ve typed some of them during your Collaborate conversation. Take the time to write them out once again, this time by hand, on a note card or piece of paper. This will help you focus on each word in order as well as use hand-eye coordination to lock them in your mind. Group them according to their functions as you learned them in Explore. This will help you know when to use which expressions. Most importantly, say them out loud. This will help build your confidence so you feel more prepared to use these expressions during the Delivery task.

  • Anticipate to participate. During Prepare to Deliver, you have a chance to review all of these expressions and get a preview of the task you will be asked to participate in during the Deliver session. Take a few minutes to predict what that task will include. Imagine yourself going through the different steps and what you would say. You will be ready to take your turns throughout the conversation because you’ve already thought about different ways it might go.

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