Excedo Product Update

Improved microlearning delivery to increase anytime anywhere learning
Debra Marsh
By Debra Marsh
Excedo blog in Excedo Innovation Apr, 2019

From our very beginning, Excedo has focused on creating a new approach to language learning that focuses on the goals and requirements of business professionals.

We’ve built Excedo around a global business skills framework to ensure that the content is most relevant to business professionals. We take an active learning approach because it’s 5.6x more effective than traditional learning.

We use microlearning because busy business professionals rarely have time to sit in a classroom for an hour or more - and because microlearning fosters a daily habit of learning that is 17% more effective than weekly learning sessions.

At Excedo we are working continuously to improve the learning experience. We have been listening to our learners and taken on board all their feedback.

As a result we are pleased to announce an important update.

Improved Microlearning

Microlearning means learning little and often and in small steps. Research shows that not only can microlearning be up to 17% more effective, but also more motivating and much better adapted to the way we actually learn.

Microlearning has always been a key benefit of Excedo. Now we’ve taken it even further. Where previously microlearning sessions were 10-20 minutes, we have now reduced this to 5 minutes.

So, what does this mean for business professionals?

Quite simply, no longer do you need to block out long, extended periods of time to study. Starting with your first Excedo course, your learning will be structured around microlessons.

These are short, 5 minute lessons which allow you to learn on the go while you commute to and from work, during your breaks and lunchtime or in and out of your family and home life routine.

How often are you waiting for someone and they text you - sorry running 5 minutes late! Well now, you can take that 5 minutes and complete an Excedo microlesson.

Progress faster

In addition to shorter microlessons, we’ve also added more frequent Checkpoints. The Checkpoints are our way to help Excedo learners review what they’ve learned and check if they have fully understood the content.

Sometimes learners do need more practice to help them progress. This is where our chatbot, Riku can step in and offer an extra microlesson to help.

Make learning a habit

Effective learning requires consistent practice - just like a sport, or a musical instrument. The improvements to Excedo help make daily learning even easier. Each Excedo course still represents…

  • 10 hours of learning per month, complete 1 course every month

  • 2.5 hours of learning per week, complete 1 module every week

  • 5-10 minutes of learning per microlesson, complete 2-3 microlessons every day!

To learn more about Excedo request a demo with our expert team or watch our webinar on anytime, anywhere learning for busy global professionals