Effective Learning with Excedo

How global business professionals are improving their communication skills in under 3 months
Simon Williams
By Simon Williams
Excedo blog in Learning reimagined Oct, 2019

Digital learning solutions have many advantages. For corporate training managers looking for concrete results, perhaps the biggest of these advantages is the ability to generate up-to-the-minute learning data and real-time analysis.

This data can be used to answer many of the questions that learning professionals and corporate trainers have been asking themselves for years – decades even. Is the programme too easy for our learners? Is it too difficult? Are our learners engaged? What progress are our learners really making? Which learners are doing well? Who is struggling? Who needs extra support?

Learning data can answer all these questions. At Excedo, we work continuously to analyse this data so that our customers get the most value from their investment of time and money in our learning solution.

Initial findings

After our launch earlier this year in Japan, we selected the first 25 learners to complete three Excedo courses (30 hours of learning) and we analysed their data footprint to answer key questions.

Are our learners engaged?

It seems so. Typically, our learners complete their third course 24% faster than the time taken to complete their first course. Why is this important? It shows that our learners are building good learning habits. Not only are they completing assigned activities on time, business professionals are learning faster the longer they use Excedo!

Participation in the virtual classroom (Excedo Deliver sessions) increases by 12% in the third course - so these learners were already speaking more, taking a more active role in group discussions, and seeking more opportunity to practice what they’ve learnt. The very definition of a successful Active Learner!

Are our learners becoming more effective communicators yet?

Our data shows that learners are completing communicative tasks 19% more effectively in their third course.

This is based on the assessments of our expert Language Coaches. In each course we assess learners’ communicative performance in tasks designed to simulate the situations encountered in international business.

There could be several explanations for this increase; by the third course the learners become more familiar with the learning environment and they know what is expected of them. They are more familiar with the type of tasks they are asked to perform in each course. But we do believe that this increase is an early indicator that Excedo learners are already beginning to develop the skills needed to communicate more effectively in international business.

Are our learners feeling more confident about communicating in English?

Not only are they participating in the Deliver virtual classrooms more, and showing signs of improved communication skills, but 90% of these learners reported feeling more confident about using English to communicate with international colleagues and business partners. For business professionals, this is an extraordinary accomplishment. For our Excedo team, it's a validation of our belief that Excedo is a different - and more effective - approach to learning.

90% of Excedo learners feel improved confidence

How conclusive are these findings?

This was our first sample of learners. The sample consisted of just one nationality group - Japanese business professionals. But, since registering our very first learner in February 2019, this initial wave of data is a promising start. We can say that our learners are engaged, they are learning content relevant to their work, and that they are feeling more confident.

Moving forward, we will continue to work to ensure that all Excedo learners experience these gains. Stay tuned for more analysis and contact us if you'd like to try Excedo for your team!