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Excedo is an English learning solution developed in collaboration with Nikkei & the Financial Times to enable effective communication in global business.

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About us

Excedo is an English learning solution that enables business professionals to communicate confidently and effectively across borders and cultures – helping individuals and their organisations to succeed globally. Our organisation is led by a team of experts in language learning, online education, business skills development, and innovative technology.

We've joined Excedo from global brands like Pearson, Berlitz, Macmillan, KPMG, and Google because we want to help people to communicate effectively, breakdown barriers and reach their full potential. 

A shared mission

Excedo is the brainchild of our three co-founders: Tas Viglatzis (CEO), Dr. Christoph Grau (COO) and Thu Doan (CCO), in collaboration with two trusted global market leaders: Nikkei and the Financial Times.

This gives our customers the best of both worlds – the modern tools and fresh thinking of a start-up, combined with the deep knowledge and experience of two of the world’s leading media companies.

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Excedo Team
Excedo & Nikkei team members: Thu Doan, Yuichiro Watanabe, Tas Viglatzis, Christoph Grau, Harutada Bando

Nikkei Inc is one of the largest independent business media groups in Asia. Its operations range from books and magazines to digital media, database services, broadcasting, and economic/cultural events.

The Financial Times is one of the world’s leading business news organisations, recognised internationally for its authority, integrity and accuracy. It combines a heritage that goes back to 1888 with continual digital innovations that make it very much a brand of today.

Together, Excedo, Nikkei, and FT are dedicated to helping companies and business professionals to develop effective communication skills, overcome cultural barriers and reach their full potential.

Excedo Nikkei Financial times
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The Excedo Team

Our global team includes 15 nationalities working in 11 countries on 4 continents.

We know all about how mistakes and misunderstandings can hold you back in international business. We know how low confidence makes it harder. And we know how much it helps when you can handle real situations and build strong relationships.

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