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Succeed Globally

Excedo is a language learning solution for business professionals. We enable you to communicate confidently and effectively across borders and cultures. Excedo helps you become an effective communicator who can negotiate, collaborate and lead globally.

Communicate Effectively

Language is much more than just words and grammar. Excedo goes beyond language learning to combine communication and cross-cultural skills within a global business context. We equip business professionals to confidently communicate in international environments, so you can work effectively to build relationships and create new opportunities.

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Reimagine Learning

Excedo takes learning out of the classroom and into the real world of global business. It's a practical and effective way to learn English, designed specifically to help you become a successful global communicator. Our innovative methodology challenges you to excel, building your communication skills and accelerating your progress from the first lesson.

The Excedo Method™ 

Communicate Effectively - Succeed Globally

Enabling employees to communicate effectively and confidently allows businesses to create global opportunities and open new markets for growth.

Try Excedo and bring a new way of learning to your company. Get started today transforming your employees into effective communicators who can drive global success for your organisation.

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Getting started with Excedo is simple and easy. Contact us to schedule a demo of our language learning solution. You can experience Excedo today and begin equipping your team for global success.

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Excedo English language courses Understand Change, Set Goals, Improve Team Communication

A new approach to language learning

What makes Excedo different?  We focus on effectiveness, using microlearning and active learning to ensure that business professionals get the most value out of the limited time available in their schedules for learning.

Active learning is learning by doing. It is more effective than passive learning because it helps you take part and actually speak English and communicate your message. 

Microlearning breaks down lessons into convenient bite-sized tasks of a few minutes. Even the busiest professional can create a daily learning routine and progress rapidly.

Many business professionals that are new to microlearning and active learning, may feel nervous taking this new approach. Fortunately, our expert language coaches and learning counsellors support Excedo learners and help them each step of the way.

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