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Learning reimagined

Excedo is a practical and effective way to learn English, designed specifically to help you become a successful global business communicator.

Our innovative methodology challenges you to excel, building your communication skills and accelerating progress while enhancing your global business skills.

The Excedo Method™ works because it’s a learner-centered, interactive approach that focuses on effective communication skills.

It empowers you to communicate more confidently and more effectively so you can succeed globally.

Excedo method

Active learning

The traditional passive approach to learning has failed language learners. Active learning is learning by doing - you take active steps to develop your skills, instead of just passively receiving information. It requires interaction with others, critical thinking, problem-solving and immediately applying what you’ve learned.

With passive learning, learners tend to retain only 10%-20%. With active learning, that jumps to 80%. 

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The best way to learn it to practice frequently. But that can be a challenge for busy professionals. Microlearning breaks down lessons into convenient bite-sized tasks of a few minutes. This creates a natural daily routine and is proven to help you progress more rapidly and improve retention.

By building Excedo within a mobile experience, learning becomes as easy as checking your email or chatting with a friend.

Business skills framework

Excedo is a very different approach to language learning. Our curriculum is built on a unique global business skills framework. The World Economic Forum, OECD and similar organisations have identified key competencies for global business and we've based Excedo on the 10 skills most relevant to global business communication.

Excedo global language learning

Confident communicators

Excedo couples this unique business skills framework with our focus on effective communication. We prepare you for real world situations such as team collaboration, virtual meetings, and agile working. These real-world simulations make learning practical. You gain the skills and confidence to use English communication in real business situations.

Excedo Deliver session with global business professionals working with a language counsellor

Expert guidance

Staying motivated and focused on language learning can be a challenge for busy business professionals. Excedo has two expert teams to help guide you and keep you on track.

Our Language Coaches are highly qualified teachers, experienced in global business and smart working practices. They help you with your specific communication challenges so that you see results faster.

You will also have a Learning Counsellor available to support you at every stage of your learning journey – from onboarding and help with tasks, to positive encouragement that inspires you to do more.

Excedo Solution Overview

To learn more about the Excedo Method™ and how our practical and effective English learning solution can help you become a successful global business communicator, contact us to schedule a demo or visit our solution overview page.

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Excedo Solution Overview

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