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Language is more than just words and grammar. Poor communication skills create obstacles to working with international partners, customers, and suppliers. Excedo combines Business English, soft skills development, & cross-cultural understanding in an engaging & effective learning solution. We transform learners into effective communicators who negotiate, collaborate and lead globally.

The Excedo Method™ 

A Global Approach for Global Organisations

Developed in collaboration with Nikkei & the Financial Times, Excedo is the only learning solution built around key skills identified by organisations like World Economic Forum & OECD as essential for global business. Our innovative approach incorporates active learning and microlearning in a mobile experience. We build Business English and global communication skills from the first microlesson.

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Breakdown barriers

Excedo combines advance technology with expert support to ensure that business professionals progress fast. Our learning counsellors and language coaches make learning engaging and effective. These international teams work closely with learners, supporting them and helping to transform them into confident and successful global communicators.

Try Excedo and remove obstacles to global success. Bring a more effective and engaging way of learning to employees around the world. Contact us today and begin transforming your team into effective international communicators.

90 percent of Excedo learners feel more confident
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Resource Kit

Our team of language learning and global business experts are pleased to share with you an international business leaders resource kit to help you transform your employees into effective communicators who can drive global success for your organisation. The multi-lingual kit includes ebook, webinars, and other resources.

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